Acting: Mr DeMille I’m ready for my close up.

I am so excited to be taking the stage as Lula in Amiri Barakas “Dutchman” directed by Woodie King Jr. See the schedule on my website…

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Woodie King Jr’s New Federal Theatre kicks off its 46th season with “The Amira Baraka Project” – featuring a revival of his early acclaimed play Dutchman from 1964 and the world premiere of his final play, Most Dangerous Man In America (W. E. B. Du Bois), written fifty years later. Dutchman, directed by Woodie King Jr., will begin performances February 5th, with opening night set for February 20th at the Castillo Theater (543 West 42nd Street). This limited Off-Broadway engagement will continue through March 8th only. Most Dangerous Man In America (W. E. B. Du Bois) follows in May.

Starring Ryan Jillian Kilpatrick and Michael Alcide, Dutchman will have scenic design by Chris Cumberbatch, costume design by Carolyn Adams and Ryan Jillian Kilpatrick, lighting design by Antoinette Tynes and sound & projection design by Bill Toles. Both actors appeared in the acclaimed Atlanta Black Theater Festival production.

he title DUTCHMAN is an allusion to The Dutch East India Company, the most renowned slave ship company of the 17th century, whose flagship for the voyages between West Africa and America, tradition says, was named Flying Dutchman. The literary legend is The Flying Dutchman in which the central character is ever in pursuit of prey that can never be caught. This production will include the music of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman. Experimental, allegorical and angry, Dutchman is set on a New York City subway train, where Lula, a young white woman, strikes up a conversation with Clay, a young middle-class black man. As the play unspools, she goads him, with liberal righteousness, into releasing the anger that, as a black man, he must surely be harboring.

Buy tickets here:

Hope to see you there!!!!


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