Life: Suddenly Undone

Struggle seems to not be a strong enough word…perhaps war. Yes. I am in the midst of an internal war. It seems 2015 is already the year of challenges.

I received some news the other day that has put me in a very strange place. Angry … silent. My true feelings shut off from the world. Why am I so angry? Where is this rage coming from? As I sit and examine these things I finally realize it’s all because things are hitting wayyyyy too close to home.

Fear is gripping at my ankles. My own mortality and the fragility of the ones I love truly realized. The question continues to be why?

If I could put into words what is going on it wouldn’t make sense… So I figured I would try and find a way to visually represent the emotions…. what it is like inside of my brain, constantly going, so many thoughts at once, so many images, sounds… never stopping. It doesn’t even make much sense to me perhaps it isn’t supposed to… or maybe one day it will.

….Slowly Understanding


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