Life: The Champ

I wrote and created this tribute for my grandfathers memorial. While I would need at least the rest of my life to cover every single ounce of love I feel for him, I hope this gives just a glimpse.

There is never enough of it.
I have to admit that I put off writing this for as long as I possibly could. I wanted to avoid making this all a reality. How can I possibly put into words all that my grandfather means to me?
How do I put into words the aunthenticity of the most incredible human being I have ever known.
How do I articulate almost 30 years of memories so rich so fundamental so beautiful, it would give THE ODESSY a run for its money.
I spent almost 30 years waking up and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world because Randolph Griffin Jr was my grandfather.
It was Baby Bubba and PopPop
He is the only person I could sit and watch television with from morning till night.
We could watch the same movies over and over again.
He is the only person I could call on the phone and talk about anything from seersucker suits to the one note Carmen McCrae sang in “Don’t ever leave me”
He is the only person I could eat my ice cream with big spoons with.
I would sit beside him while he listened to music early in the morning and read through the paper.
I went to him for advice.
We exchanged music.
He told me about life
He painted the pictures of all of the places he visited.
He always steered me in the right direction.
We could bond over everything.
With my grandfather went my protector, my escape, my hero.
When my grandfather would introduce me to his friends he would always say to me “Who do you look like?”
I would always respond “You”
The magnitude of the love I have for my PopPop is a numerical variation that has yet to be discovered.
The day he passed away we planned what movies and tv we would catch up on when he came back home.
He asked me to make him some tea. I bought it to him with one equal just as he liked it.
He hadn’t eaten for a few days and he said to me “Don’t be upset if I can’t finish it, okay”
I said “I won’t PopPop don’t worry.”
He took a sip of the tea I made for him and he said “Agghhhh perfect”
It was bittersweet being able to be with my grandfather in his last hours.
He has been there for me in every single milestone moment in my life.
Paper cuts
Loosing teeth
Learning how to rollerblade
Learning how to ride a bike
Learning how to swim
Going to the theater
Watching movies
Dissecting music
My own plays
Randolph “PopPop” Griffin Jr was the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
On Inside the Actors Studio James Liption finishes off his interviews with the question “If Heaven Exists, what would you like God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?”
I envision God saying “Hey Baby Bubba, your grandfather has been waiting for you.”
To which I will respond… “Ahhh perfect.”

I love you PopPop to the moon and back and back and back and back…..


2 thoughts on “Life: The Champ

  1. Tears…
    Every little should have a man like him in their life. I was blessed with the same. That’s the way GOD planned it so the world would be a better place.

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