Music: Going harder than Joan Crawfords Eyebrows.

As summer draws to a close… I had to plan accordingly with my music. Ughh I’m not ready.

With that said I have come to the conclusion that my musical taste ranges from expensive cruise ship entertainment to a angry Kanye, to Lifetime Movies with a big budget about angsty teens or middle aged women who get their groove back…. In no particular order…

Cause a chick with long ass hair laying on a stuffed tiger is as random as the ish I'm about to serve yall..
Cause a chick with long ass hair laying on a stuffed tiger is as random as the ish I’m about to serve yall..

1. Private Dancer- Tina Turner (When isn’t this on my list? The first minute of this video is intense AF. It was like watching all the drug scenes from Lady Sings the Blues. Tina Turner is totally confused and ashamed and just needs her coins….if you didn’t understand that from the lyrics you get it in her deep ass exhales)

2. Blessings- Big Sean (ummm Okay Sean do your thing with your Jackie Brown into credits walk)

3. Terrence Loves You- Lana Del Rey (video please. She always makes me feel like getting out my Harley and just riding that thing all the way across the states…. Except the scary ones… So maybe not the south…. Or the midwest……..Maybe I’ll just fly.)

4. Do You Know The Way To San Jose- Dionne Warwick (Wait, did she she ever get directions? Also I want to put 100.00 down on a car in 2015 and drive off the lot)

5. All Day- Kanye West ( I mean… I ball all day…. like hard. I’m kind of a big deal)

6. Rush Rush- Paula Abdul (Yeah I went there. So what? Don’t judge me. Don’t act like you didn’t wait for this vijjjjooo on the VH1 countdown…..*slowblinking* Leave Paula alone)

7. No Sleep- Janet Jackson (It’s focking Janet. Janet Damita Jackson. The focking Pleasure Principal of Rhythm Nation. )

8. Suddenly- Olivia Newton John and Cliff Richard (This is where Lifetime movie angle really kicks in. Picture it…A long ass montage of Cheryl Ladd sadly looking out of a window and remembering all of the good times, while her lover lays behind her (out of focus) in a hospital bed in a coma because he rushed home to be with her on Christmas and crashed his airplane… Did I mention he was a pilot with a drinking problem? ) This video is everything I could imagine it’s like Peter Pan on steroids, shit falling from the sky and roller skates and  and all those longing stares… Oh Xanadu.

9. Don’t Break My Heart- Lion Babe (This is my girl. I wanna be painted and dance on a fire escape thingy)

10. Morning Sun- Robin Thicke (Aight bro, I ain’t mad. Paula ain’t even mad at this one.)


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