life: G.O.A.T


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
-Muhammad Ali-

Muhammad Ali …What a loss, yet what an incredible life.

In a time when African Americans acceptance was based solely on their necessity in sports and entertainment, Ali used his name and his talents for social justice, standing in the front lines and going up against racism and militarism. He marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, he walked the streets of Harlem with Malcolm X. Ali, refused to fight in a war for for a country where he was discriminated against, and in turn sacrificed his career and his titles for Civil Rights. Right on brother!


I cannot help but notice, a pattern is being formed. A loss of trailblazers. Humans who had a vision and set forward with guns ablaze and left a mark on the world so deep generations to come will echo their names.

Rest in peace great man. Thank you for your contributions, for your talents and for your strength. Thank you for standing in the front lines for justice, thank you for fighting your way to give us a voice… from the bottom of my heart… Thank You.





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