life:An Experiement

I not only had a tough time putting this video together, but also posting it.

I found myself weak after spending hours looking through such horrific footage… and then when it came time to post I was nervous over how it would  be received. But, then this morning on my Instagram feed, I saw a video of a young black boy selling candy outside of a target store, there he was approached by an older white woman who threatened to call the police for selling candy since he had no permit. This left the young boy in tears. Luckily, a white man quickly made his way outside and offered to buy all of the boys candy… and in turn made the woman feel like a total asshole.

I didn’t shoot this footage, this footage is part of our history. It’s there, it has happened. I didn’t create this. The closed non progressive people of the country we live in did.

Growing up black is a unique experience, you are taught about your history before you can create your own. Young black men are given speeches on safety before leaving the house. People will disagree, but unless you are black you truly cannot 100% understand.

I was taught from a young age to embrace and love all people, which is why I am so happy to have such a beautiful rainbow of people of my life, different colors, religions, sexual orientations, people who I love for who they are and who love me for who I am. I did not create this video to spread hate. It is to spread awareness. After hearing Jesse Williams speech at the BET awards, I was moved to tears by just his powerful words, poetically expressing the journey of the African American in the Untied States.

In this day and age it’s easy to shut down the “black” issue by saying things such as “We have a black president” or “Oprah” or “Beyoncé.” All of these people have managed to reach levels of success to mask the lack equality in this world. Yes we have a black president, yet at the same time Obama’s presidency was immediately met with racist cartoons, questions of birth certificates and constant disrespect in the media. Even his wife and daughters were targeted. Their looks scrutinized and compared to animals and being told to go back to Africa.

This video was something I had to do.

It’s not about hating it’s about waking.



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