Health: I’ll drink to that

A few years ago I was in a car accident which at the time I thought left me unscathed, but little did I know, I would wind up suffering later on.

I suffered an injury to my lumbar spine, which in turn has effected the circulation in my legs. While the pain is more uncomfortable than anything, it is quite annoying to wake up with stiff joints and feeling like your 87. Don’t even get me started on the cold, or fully developed “spidey senses”  in my right leg that can always tell when the rain is coming.

I have since been taking some holistic approaches to aiding in improvement of my circulation. While these little remedies haven’t made me 100% it has definitely helped, leaving me with more good days than bad.

  1. Tumeric. o-TURMERIC-HEALTH-BENEFITS-facebook.jpg

Tumeric is a natural anti inflammatory. For a while I was taking two capulses a day, but little did I know, as I got older the pain would grow. So I gave up on the capsules and began drinking it. All I do is toss about two (HEAPING) tablespoons with lemon and warm water and drink it every morning and night. When I am feeling extra sassy I toss it in my nurti-bullet and make a latte (using the same ingredients.) I call it my medicine.

** a little disclaimer, wear clothing you don’t give a fock about while using this… I have ruined a pair of sneakers, a robe, and a sweater**

2. Cayenne

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.20.41 PM.png

I live a spicy life… not at all sexy but spicy. I love my spice. What’s great about cayanne pepper is it contains copious amounts of capsaicin which aids in stimulating blood flow. People sometimes mix it with butters and oils to rub on swollen joints. I just drink it. A teaspoon along with my trusty lemon juice and some room temperature water ( if I am not quite in the mood to have my chest blown out, I add a bit of agave.) I think its pretty delicious either way, but like I said… spicy life. I call this my tonic.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar


I preface this by saying, the taste is something to get used to, but once you do… it’s really not bad at all. Actually these days I crave it. I mix 2 teaspoons with about 16oz (or one water bottle) and drink this twice a day. Not only does it help with circulation. It aids in nutrient absorption and balances that alkaline PH (keeping that temple alkaline balanced will naturally help you fight off illness and disease.) Not all ACV is created equal, whatever kind you choose make sure it’s raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized. My favorite is Braggs… or as I like to call it Bragg Pitt (it makes the consumption much easier)

Now, I am not a doctor, so do not take my word for it without consulting one, but everything I wrote about is all natural, and it’s something that has helped me, and perhaps it can help you too!!

Cheers to circulation!



2 thoughts on “Health: I’ll drink to that

  1. Everyone needs to know this. This post is 100% on point! Have you tried adding cayenne to freshly juiced ginger? I would take a ‘shot’ of that and it would knock out my toothache for the whole day.

  2. Shidaun, I did try a shot at jamba juice and it burned my entire chest out. I loved every minute of it. I had a terrible headache and decided to try it. After that shot, it was gone. It’s definitely a miracle drink.

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