music: Kendrick Lamar “Humble”

After my little brother introduced me to Kendrick about IV years ago, I took an instant liking to his sound. He was unique, he was a rapper coming up, verses far too true for the main stream. Now fast forward IV years and III albums later, Kendrick has shared the mic with some of the industries most $$ from Gaga to Swift to Queen B.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.29.32 PM

With whispers circulating around his highly anticipated IV studio album, the kid from Compton, has released his most epic video to date. “Humble” directed by Dave Meyers (Firework, Where Have You Been, Always on Time) and produced by Mike Will Made It, upholds Lamar’s controversial reputation. The beautifully shot video is III minutes of a full on  visual orgasm.  In pure Lamar form, he pushes social comforts, scenes quickly merge of him dressed in Pope inspired robes, having the center seat at the last supper, or having his perfectly laid braids covered in flames surrounded by men whose faces are wrapped in ropes that have been set ablaze.


Many theories swirl around the meaning of the song… (I guess there is “beef” with Kendrick and Big Sean…idk I don’t follow the drama.) Some say it’s Lamars first attempt at toning it down for a main stream career (ie: pumping up the beef, and laying off the politics.)I beg to differ. Beef or not, I challenge you to watch the video once, then mute it and watch it again, and tell me what you think.


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