Au Naturel (The Curly Edition)

The decision to go curly was a difficult one. I am a girl who loves her hats, but I also love my curls the bigger the better, so I had to make the sacrifice. The hair won.

A year ago my curls would have never won, yet with  knowledge of myself and a greater acceptance of what is, I have realized what an awesome gift it is to have my curls. At one time I hated them because I felt  like a side show, people constantly asking questions like… “How does you hair do that” or every time I wash it “Did you cut your hair?” or “can I touch it?” Of course my very favorite always the shock after they tough it and say “it’s so soft.” Yet with age comes wisdom as does patience, so coupling that with my sunshiny attitude and I realized my hair isn’t something most people encounter in their everyday life so for whatever reason this person felt comfortable enough with me to entertain their natural curiosity.

With the growing movement of #NaturalHair grew the access to products that celebrate the curl rather than straighten it. Products like Mixed Chicks, Deva Curl, Curls, Shea Moisture, Carols Daughter etc brands getting so much love for their dedication to the curly girl movement.

I wanted to give some shout outs to some of the curly girls who inspire my fro to grow to epic proportions.

Tracee Ellis Ross is my spirit animal… that is all.
Nia aka FroGirlGinny this ray of sunshine. Whose gorgeous mane is hair goals for real.
Thandi Newton not only is she one of the most talented actress… her hair is everything.
Julia Roberts…the 90’s never saw better tresses.
Mel B aka Scary Spice. If you were a black girl in the 90’s… there were 3 things you wanted…Jason Weaver, flat twists… and to be Mel B.
 Keri Russell… It didn’t matter what color you were… everyone wanted Felicity’s hair.

Also was considering doing a natural hair tutorial including some of my favorite products too!!! We shall see.




One thought on “Au Naturel (The Curly Edition)

  1. i love it! i used to have my hair chemically straightened… it took years to finally accept and appreciate my natural curls. thanks for the inspirational pics! keep up the good work.

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