WCW: Michelle Pfeiffer!

It’s a cinematic marriage of epic proportions. Que the birds singing… but since it’s Aronofsky… make the birds Ravens…

Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan still live in my cells… OMG can it be true? The queen of cool coupled with the master of mind fucks. Be still my heart.

Like every Aronofsky trailer, with Mother! he gives you just enough to get you to a theater… but never enough for you to figure out what the hell is going on. Here is what I know… A couple lives in a house, some strangers show up and shit gets real… or not… or it’s a dream… or maybe it’s schizophrenia… wait are they even married? Are the strangers even strangers? Is it September 15th yet?

Joining the match made in heaven are Jennifer Lawrence and two of Hollywoods most talented pieces of grade A man candy, Javier Bardem and Ed Harris.


Pfeiffer has always been a mystery to me… perhaps that’s why I have always been a ride or die. She’s what I like to call a rebel with a cause. Since her career began, she was always one to fly under the radar, never really being part of the of the Hollywood life.   Her projects,  always carefully selected… and her characters…never pushing for an emotion. Her moments are in the moment, which always makes for  a human on the screen and not an AAAACCCTTTOOOORRRR. While her unmatched beauty is something she is aware of, she has never lead with it… nor has she apologized for it. How’s that for a #WCW?


Pick your favorite Pfeiffer flick and comment below!










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