Life: Eclipse of the ❤️


Unless you have been totally removed from the world, we know that we are just minutes away or for some in the midst of the first cost to coast eclipse in 99 years.

If you follow numerology or the power in  spiritual numbers you will know that 9 is a powerful one.

“The number is related to the ideas of universal harmony, karma, and destiny. Number 9 urges you to be benevolent. Furthermore, it suggests that your path may lie in the humanitarian realm. If 9 is duplicated in your Angel Number, the message still holds similar themes of Number 99 is a message from your guardians to continue on this path and pursue a life of service to others. By doing so, you will find true fulfillment in your life.” (Read more

The world has been in chaos. For some emotions are running high, patience is low, perhaps we are extra sensitive. These things just solidify how connected we are not only as people, but to the universe. How can we be so indifferent when we are so very connected?

I read an article on which I found extremely informative and comforting. My spirit has been a little all over the place so it’s good to know that I am not alone. Perhaps we can all use this shift as a movement toward a greater tomorrow.

Check out the article here….Vogue

“Don’t walk into the light Carol Ann” But for those brave enough…  Keep your eyes protected.



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